5G technology

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What is 5G technology?

5G technology is the newest replication of wireless communication. Which is made to substantially raise two important things. Firstly, the response time. And secondly, the speed of the wireless networks. Here, the data can be sent through the wireless broadband routes at a speed of about 20 Gbps. The 5G technology also allows a high boost in the magnitude of transferred data. As here, greater bandwidth is provided. And also due to advanced antenna technology.

Some important points

  • It may supply internet connection which is at least 40 times quicker than the 4G LTE.
  • It will be provide by numerous sellers. And formed of various solutions. Which are designed to give quick download speed without any delays.
5G speed
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  • Apart from all this, 5G enables network management features. Where, network slicing permits mobile users to generate several virtual networks inside an individual real 5G network. For example, a self driving car needs a network slicing. As, it can allow exceptionally fast, low latency routes. So, that a vehicle could guide itself in real time.
  • It permits wireless network connections to assist certain usages.
  • Above all, you can assume 5G to create a wide range of different applications.

How it works?

how 5G works?
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Mini cells situated in areas like building roofs or poles of light

A wireless network constitutes cell sites sliced into sections. These cell sites send data via radio waves. However, the 4G network provides the base for 5G network. In contrast to 4G, which needs enormous, high power cell towers to emit signals over lengthy intervals. 5G wireless signals are transferred through huge number of mini cell stations. Which are situated in areas. Like building roofs or poles of light.

Here, numerous mini cells are required. As, 5G depends on the millimeter wave spectrum to produce greater speeds. And this spectrum can only travel through smaller distances. So, its subjected to obstruction from real objects like buildings and weather.

Note: The millimeter wave spectrum has band of spectrum between 30 to 300 GHz. Therefore, the more is the distance traveled by the spectrum the less is the speed of the network. And vice versa.

Watch a video to understand it explicitly

Features of 5G technology

The features of 5G technology are as follows:

  • High speed and bandwidth,
  • Better battery life time for IoT devices,
  • Low latency as response time is very fast,
  • Increased security,
  • Highly reliable etc.
picture credit: quora.com

However, we will learn all the features in detail in the upcoming articles.

Applications of 5G technology

The applications are as follows:

  • 5G iPhone,
  • Radio resource management,
  • Global network,
  • Wire-able devices with AI facilities etc.
applications of 5G technology
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However, there are many such applications which we will learn in details in upcoming articles.

Therefore, this is a small overview of the topic. Moreover, i hope it is helpful. Hence, follows us for keeping yourself updated.

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