Amazon Testing Hand-Scanning Payment System

Kanchan Ray
Amazon Testing Hand-Scanning Payment System
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Amazon is now functioning on a payment system that will knock out the need of hand over cash, credit card or any debit card. Simply you will just have to hand over your hand.

On Tuesday, the New York Post reported that The top internet retail giant is now testing scanners that can easily identify anyone’s hands to pay for a store purchase. Amazon is going to have the scanners at its all foods supermarket by the beginning of the next year 2020.

The newspaper also reported that dissimilar to the fingerprint scanners placed on mobile devices, this Amazon’s system doesn’t need users to physically touch a scanning surface. Instead, it simply uses vision and depth geometry to scan the hands of buyers with their Amazon Prime accounts and then charge the amount to their credit card information already on file.

This scanner is accurate to one ten-thousandth of 1%. But Amazon engineers belief to accomplish an accuracy of a millionth of 1%.

amazon go

This is not the Amazon’s first attempt for such kind of system. Amazon in 2016 introduced Amazon Go which gained lots of attention. The Amazon Go lets customers check in with the help of their smartphones. And then take whatever they need and then simply walk out.

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