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Kanchan Ray

Introduction: It’s been very crucial for the people of India to carry all the required documents while driving. These documents may be Driving Licence, Registration Certificate (RC), Pollution Under Control Certificate (PUC) and etc. A Driver Licence is an official document that authorizes its holder to drive all types of […]

Now Facebook says it may remove Like counts

Kanchan Ray

Now Facebook says it may remove Like counts options. And will soon start hiding its Like counter options from News Feed or timeline posts. This step is to protect users’ from jealousy. And also prevents users from discouraging themselves from self-censorship. As, Instagram is already testing this process in 7 countries […]

TikTok owner bought an AI music startup, Jukedeck?

Nidhi Singh

The company at the back of TikTok i.e, ByteDance, may have bought an association which enlarges AI-initiated music software, viz. Jukedeck, which is a developing music AI company at Uk. To be more specific, Jukedeck constructed a tool which would involuntarily create music which will lend a helping hand to […]