What is blockchain?

Nidhi Singh

In simple words, Blockchain is a very uncomplicated. And creative process of sending data from one end to the other. It is completely protected. And its also self operating. Here, the data is shared by drawing a block. However, this block is authenticated by millions of computers. Which are spread […]

What is VPN?

Nidhi Singh

First of all you need to know that VPN stands for “Virtual Private Network”. Which itself indicates the meaning of the term. Therefore, in simple words, you can say that VPN is a virtual network. Which is generated by a cluster of computers. Which are working at the same time. […]

5G and its history

Surajit Poddar

The next level of G of mobile internet has already grabbed attention. Since, the end of 2018, 5G technology experiments have started. And it’ll continue for long for further enhancements, improvements, and deployments etc. Generations of network As, you all know that there are four generations of network that we […]

5G technology

Nidhi Singh

What is 5G technology? 5G technology is the newest replication of wireless communication. Which is made to substantially raise two important things. Firstly, the response time. And secondly, the speed of the wireless networks. Here, the data can be sent through the wireless broadband routes at a speed of about […]

Edge Computing

Nidhi Singh

What is Edge Computing? Edge computing is the implementation of managing data close to the edge of one’s network. That is, the point of data production. Instead of managing it in an integrated data processing storage. In other words, data generated by IoT (Internet of Things) gadgets processes where its […]

3D printing

Nidhi Singh

What is 3D printing? The procedure by which one can design a three dimensional object. Utilizing a digital representation of the same, is known as 3D printing. It is also known as additive manufacturing. As here consecutive sheet of materials are added one after another. In order to create a […]