Edge Computing

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edge computing
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What is Edge Computing?

edge computing
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Edge computing is the implementation of managing data close to the edge of one’s network. That is, the point of data production. Instead of managing it in an integrated data processing storage.

In other words, data generated by IoT (Internet of Things) gadgets processes where its produced. Instead of forwarding it over lengthy path to the clouds or data centers.

However, it helps corporations in analyzing essential data in real time. Its a requirement in industries, health care, telecommunication, finance etc.

Definitive explanation of edge computing

It is a distributed, not closed architecture of IT. Which characterizes redistributed managing ability, allowing mobile computing. And IoT technologies. Here, the data is managed by the device only or the server or a computer. Instead of sending the data to a data center.

edge computing
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How it works?

It is basically Internet of Things use cases. Where, the devices collects data at the edge. Then, the collected data is send to a data warehouse or clouds for managing it. Edge computing locally sorts data. Therefore, some of the data is managed locally. Which helps in reducing traffic to the centralized data centers.

Watch a video to understand it explicitly

However, you can accomplish edge computing by the IoT gadgets by sending the data to a localized device. Which comprises compute, warehouse. And web connection in a compact form. Then, the data is managed at the edge. And is send to a centralized data managing center or cloud(IaaS).

how it works ?
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Why edge computing?

Edge computing allows boosting of stream of data. Involving real time data managing without any inactivity. Thus, devices and smart applications can react to data instantly. That is, the moment its created without any delay. So, technologies like self driving cars etc. needs it. Its even significant in business.

It helps in effective data management. As here, huge amount of data processes close to the origin. By minimizing use of internet bandwidth. Therefore, this reduces the costs of application. However, you can even use these applications efficiently in remote regions. Moreover, it increases security of highly sensitive data. As here, the data is not transmitted into a public cloud.

why edge computing ?


The key benefits of edge computing are as follows:

  • Faster response time of a device,
  • Security of highly sensitive data,
  • Reliability of operations,
  • Reduces costs of applications etc.

Moreover, we will learn all this benefits in details in upcoming articles.

Examples of Edge Computing

The example of edge computing are as follows:

  • Autonomous Vehicles,
  • Fleet Management,
  • Voice Assistance.
  • Predictive Maintenance etc.

However, we will learn these examples in details in upcoming articles.

Moreover, this was a small overview of the topic. Therefore, i hope that the article was helpful.

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