How to setup a VPN on android?

Nidhi Singh

Today, in this article we will discuss how to setup a vpn on android for free. So, lets get started. And you must read the full article. In order to visualize a clear overview of the topic.

As, we all know that illegal downloading can even land you in a court of laws and can ruin your whole future. But there are people who do illegal downloading very safely. However, they can download or watch restricted contents, movies, videos or songs for free without any danger of being caught through VPN.

How anyone can watch restricted movies using VPN?

illegal downloads

So, lets make it very simple for you guys to understand. Suppose, a movie or a video is restricted to watch or download in India or any other country. But its available for free downloading in US.

Then, “How anyone can download it for free?”

The answer is, by changing your region from India to US. But, how is that possible? Is there any way of doing so?

Yes, you can do it by changing you location physically. But, how can you do it by sitting in your own home in India? and that too very safely.

I think now i have created too much suspense, lets break it now.

Hence, you can do it using an app or a software which can provide you VPN. That is “virtual private network”. It can change the IP address of your device virtually from India to US or any other country. And one can even download the restricted contents for free.

Note: VPN includes a cluster of computers working at the same time over the internet. In order to generate a virtual network.

However, the foremost aim of a virtual private network is to secure a connection on the internet. So, that no one can inquire on the data you receive or send.

Download a VPN app for free on android?

For example, Psiphon, it is an app for mobile devices that can provide you VPN. You can download it for free from google play store.

setup vpn on android
credit: wikipedia

To download it for free from your android phones Click Here.

How to setup psiphon app?

So, in order to setup vpn on android, You need to follow the below steps:

vnp setup on android
Internal picture of psiphon app
  • Firstly, you need to install one. And then you need to allow it to access your device location, media etc.
  • Secondly, you need to select Options. Where, you can select any region you want. In order to, generate a virtual IP of any country you want.
  • Here, you can even enable the tunnel whole device option. Which will secure the data of whole device. Now, you can send or receive data from any app or browser hiding your real IP.
  • Then, you need to tap on the start button in the bottom of the left corner. In order to get started with this.

Note: VPN is mainly made for making a private connection secure. But many people misuse it. As, it has pros as well as cons.

However, the main intention of this article is to provide you information about VPN and psiphon. So, this article is not to influence you in any way to download illegal contents.

Therefore, i hope that the article was helpful. And please don’t do illegal downloads.

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