Now Facebook says it may remove Like counts

Kanchan Ray
Now Facebook says it may remove Like counts

Now Facebook says it may remove Like counts options. And will soon start hiding its Like counter options from News Feed or timeline posts. This step is to protect users’ from jealousy. And also prevents users from discouraging themselves from self-censorship. As, Instagram is already testing this process in 7 countries like Canada, Brazil etc.

How will this work?

Facebook may like emojis

Here, a post’s audience can just see a few names of mutual friends who are liking it. Instead of the total number of likes. This step of Facebook is to prevent users from comparing themselves to others. And also prevents them from possibly feeling incomplete. If their posts are not getting as many Likes. This idea might stop users from deleting posts. As, they think their posts are not getting enough likes.

According to TechCrunch report. The Reverse engineering master Jane Manchun Wong spotted the Facebook prototyping hidden Like counts in its Android app. The company also confirmed that they are testing removal of Like counts. However, this step has not become live for users yet. Facebook depends on Instagram Like hiding tests.

This prototype is still indicating positive results from hiding Like options in Instagram. This test has already began in many countries. Including Brazil, Australia, New Zealand, Italy, Ireland, and Japan.

Instagram like removal testing

On Instagram, post’s author can still see the total number of Likes. But others can’t. The expansion of that Instagram test. And Facebook potentially trying it in its own app signals. Which might have positive impact.

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