Tech News #7 in brief of 21st August

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Grammarly starts giving Synonym Suggestions on Android and iOS:

TechnicalLite-Grammarly Keyboard

After, the latest update of the popular keyboard app, Grammarly. It starts giving synonyms suggestion on Google’s Play Store as Grammarly And Apple’s Play Store as Grammarly 1.6.0.

Rumour says OnePlus 7T Pro is going to launch in India:

OnePlus 7T Pro
Photo Credit:

Firstly, OnePlus 7T Pro is going to launch in India on 26th of September. And the sale starts from 15th of October. Secondly, this phone might come with curved edges, without the notch. Further, it has pop-up selfie camera, Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 Plus SoC as rumors say.

Facebook hiring Journalists to update Its News Tab:


Indeed, Social site Facebook on Tuesday confirmed that they are going to hire journalists. In order, to update manually its News Tab. However, human team journalists will select relevant. And reliable breaking and top news. Its algorithms will detect the user’s interest. However, facebook head of news partnerships Campbell Brown told AFP . That ” Our goal with the News Tab is to provide a personalized, highly relevant experience for people”.

Rumor says Motorola Razr Foldable Phone to Launch in Europe in December:

Motorola Razr Foldable Phone
Photo Credit: Yanko Design

Here, Motorola Razr foldable smartphone will launch on December 2019. Its priced Rs 1,19,000/- only.

Chandrayaan-2 Successfully Enters into Second Lunar Orbit:

TechnicalLite-Chandrayaan-2 Successfully Enters Second Lunar Orbit: ISRO

ISRO, the India Space Research Organisation said on Wednesday that Chandrayaan-2 successfully enters into second lunar Orbit. On Tuesday, the Chandrayaan-2 get into its first Lunar orbit successfully.

NASA Confirms Europa Clipper Mission to Find Life on Jupiter’s Icy Moon:

TechnicalLite-Extraterrestrial Life in Our Solar System? NASA Confirms Europa Clipper Mission to Find Life on Jupiter's Icy Moon
Photo Credit: NASA

NASA announced the next phase of its Europa Clipper mission. Its set to launch in 2023 to find life on Jupiter’s Icy Moon. Thomas Zurbuchen, Associate Administrator for the Science Mission Directorate at NASA said that . “We are excited about the decision That moves the Europa Clipper mission one key step closer to unlocking the mysteries of this ocean world”.

Walmart Sues Tesla Over String of Solar Panel Fires at Its Stores:

TechnicalLite-Walmart Sues Tesla Over String of Solar Panel Fires at Its Stores

Walmart sues against Tesla’s energy division on Tuesday. That Tesla is deploying solar panels. On the roofs of hundreds of stores. Including, inadequate inspections. And further, safety properties.

D2h Magic Stick Launched:

TechnicalLite-D2h Magic Stick Launched, Offers Online Entertainment Alongside Live TV

Dish TV launched its ‘D2h Magic’ media streaming stick. For D2h subscribers in all major cities. Indeed, this device gives access to streaming services, TV shows. And also, original Web series using a Wi-Fi network. This device carries a price tag of Rs. 399/- only.

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