TikTok owner bought an AI music startup, Jukedeck?

Nidhi Singh
picture credit: theverge.com

The company at the back of TikTok i.e, ByteDance, may have bought an association which enlarges AI-initiated music software, viz. Jukedeck, which is a developing music AI company at Uk.

To be more specific, Jukedeck constructed a tool which would involuntarily create music which will lend a helping hand to the TikTok users by letting them modify the tempo, length, and the spot it came to a climax.

The TikTok videos turn to be placed over licensed music so, it’s very evident how a means like Jukedeck would fit in. In TikTok the tiny videos are depicted to sync up to the music, and the personalized tracks could provide more productive authority to the TikTok users who are searching for an ideal beat.

This would support TikTok in keeping itself away from the money related and licensing issues. It will also be better for the users who wishes to pass their videos off-platforms.

The Jukedeck’s CEO has recited his position as the director of the AI lab of the ByteDance. The ByteDance possesses much more than just a TikTok.

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