What is VPN?

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First of all you need to know that VPN stands for “Virtual Private Network”. Which itself indicates the meaning of the term.

Therefore, in simple words, you can say that VPN is a virtual network. Which is generated by a cluster of computers. Which are working at the same time. In order to make a private connection protected over a connection which is not as much secured.

What is VPN?
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For example, suppose you are using a public WiFi connection of any mall or your college. But many of you don’t know that this kind of connection is not so much secured or protected.

As, it can transmit your highly sensitive information from mobile devices. Whenever you send or receive data.

So, if you want to encrypt or protect your data from being transmitted then you can utilize this VPN.

How VPN works?

How vpn works
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So, basically in the above picture it is explained that if you are sending data through VPN to the internet. Then the data won’t be transmitted to the intermediate people. That is, hackers, government or corporate etc. So, your data will be in safe hands.

As it will be send directly to the internet without any third party being involved.

Now, lets understand how VPN exactly works.

And lets keep it very simple. So, lets get started.

So, VPN basically uses some protocols. Which helps in encrypting the data while the sender is sending it to the receiver. And decrypts that data at the receiving end. Therefore, making a connection safe by not involving any unwanted users in between.

However, VPN makes a point to point connection between a client and a server. And it runs at the background of a device. So, that the users at the end point are unaware of this. Which helps to keep our connection secured.

Watch a video to understand it explicitly

Which protocol does VPN uses?

It uses tunneling protocol. Which governs some rules that permits the transmission of data securely from one end to the other end.

Here, this protocol helps in exchanging data from a private connection across a public network (i.e, internet). So, tunneling encapsulates the data to be transmitted to the internet.

Where, encapsulation encloses the data through coding. And then transmits it across public network. Hence, transmission of data is safe.

Which protocol VPN uses?
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Moreover, tunneling is also known as “port forwarding”. As, it diverts an exchange of data from a blend of one address and port number to another. When the data is travelling through a firewall or router in a network.

How to use VPN?

So, you can use VPN in your PC or mobile devices to make your connection more secure for free . By installing a software or an app in your device. However, the device utilizing VPN must run the VPN application at the time of data transmission in order to secure it excluding any third party.

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Factors affecting performance of VPN

The factors affecting its performance are as follows:

  • Server overload: This means that a particular server you are using is overloaded with too many users. Hence, it affects the performance. For Example, free vpn’s are overloaded with unlimited number of users. So, this kind of problems mostly occurs there.
  • Speed: It is the most important one. While using VPN you need to make sure that your internet connection is not interrupted. Otherwise, the interruption in your network will disconnect the vpn connection also.
  • Quality of Server: If you want full security of your data then you cannot use vpn’s providing low quality of service. You must make sure that the vpn you are utilizing is giving you high quality of service.

Therefore, there are more such factors that affects the performance of a vpn. And we will learn them in detail in the upcoming articles.


There are many applications, and we will discuss some of them below:

  • If you want to watch a movie or video or anything. Which is restricted in your region but is available for free in different region. Then you can use vpn to watch it for free.
  • Suppose, you are using any public network of any college or mall. Then you can utilize virtual private network to make your connection secured from hackers.

However, there are more such applications which we will learn in details in the upcoming article.

Examples of VPN

Lets see now some examples of vpn apps below:

credit: medium.com
  1. ExpressVPN,
  2. IPVanish,
  3. NordVPN,
  4. Psiphon.

Therefore, there are many such applications and software. And there are free as well as paid vpn’s. But the free ones are not fully secured as they use low service quality to reduce their operation cost.

This is a small overview of a topic. Moreover, we will learn each parts in details. And i hope it was helpful.

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