Why you must not sell your old phone even after formatting?

Nidhi Singh

In this article we will discuss why you must not sell your old phone even after formatting.

At first, you need to know that there are some applications which are made to recover formatted data. Basically, the intention of this kind of application is to recover accidentally formatted data. But anyone can misuse it in many ways.

Suppose, you want to sell your old phone. As, you are using it from a long time. And its not working well. Now, the very next thing you will do is format all your data from the device. So, that your data don’t went into unwanted hands. But even after deleting the data its not secured. As, the purchaser can recover them all using data recovery software. And can also misuse it. Therefore, formatting doesn’t makes any sense.

How data can be recovered using data recovery apps?

Why you must not sell your old phone even after formatting?
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In order to use data recovery apps you need to be aware of following things.

  • Its recommended that you must not access your device after formatting data accidentally. If u want 100% successful results.
  • But in case you have deleted data intentionally. And you have accessed your device still the data which is not overwritten can be recovered. Because, the data never gets deleted. Some other data overwrites it. So, until the deleted data is not overwritten, you can recover it. But after being overwritten by some other data it is impossible to access the deleted one.

Therefore, if you are selling your phone. And its data is not overwritten then it can be recovered by any data recovery tool.


Some examples of data recovery app are as follows:

  • DiskDigger photo recovery,
  • EaseUS MobiSaver,
  • Super Backup & Restore,
  • Dumpster,
  • DigDeep Image Recovery etc.

Hence, you must not sell your old phones. Moreover, if it has no highly sensitive data then no problem else its dangerous.

I hope that the article was helpful.

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